Greg Randle, CWE

Business & Wine Consultant

…the wine side…

I have worked in the wine industry as server, consultant, educator, collector, and buyer since 1993. I am a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) from the Society of Wine Educators and am currently working towards the Diploma Wine and Spirits (DWS) from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust of England. I consult for private collectors, caterers, restaurants,  and corporate clients.

My wine education began many years ago while tasting, reading, traveling, and discussing many epicurean epiphanies.  After Initially searching out, tasting, and investigating wines considered to be ‘The Greats’ (…from La Tache to Moulin Touchais) by well-known, respected, and most-importantly experienced wine writers of the Twentieth Century, this endless expedition widened the playing field of what truly could be when it came to stretching the boundaries of all things wine. A conscious obsession took over while attending the University of Connecticut. Since then, an ‘always-growing’, better understanding of how wine relates to life and the different views of the same wine experience (along with the simple view that wine is grape juice, afterall), have given rise to a pure passion for the ‘experience’ of wine (a worldwide, common-land, experience between wine, food, coffee, music, tobacco, and general folklore). The education never ends. Although there is an admiration and appreciation for almost all wines, the heart lies in France and Italy. From mid 2006 to early 2009 I was a buyer for GrapeVine Market, a fine wine & spirits destination retailer with over 4,000 wines. I also worked as one of the buyers for Central Market, a destination grocer with over 3,000 wines, 2005 – 2006.

…the other side…

From 2004-2006, I was Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder, and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Krosscore Corporation, a custom software development company (an 8-man startup/$20 million funding hopeful). In this position, I focused on the organizational development, operational efficiency, productivity, and strategic direction of the company’s business.

Prior to Krosscore Corporation, I was a 15-year Strategic Business Consultant for private clients (1989-2004) in the entertainment, wine, music, hospitality, and lobbyist industries. I worked as a Wine Consultant and Buyer for Twin Liquors of Central Texas (1998-2004). I was Chief Operations Officer of the design company Elysium Factorie (2000-2002) and Chief Operations Officer/President of NR (1998-1999), a multi-million dollar technology cafe concept, both of which I was a Co-Founder. I’ve spent time living in the United States and abroad, traveling, consulting in business, and regularly attending international business conferences and fairs.

Since the early days of operating a restaurant out of my backyard as an 8-year old (while the neighborhood competition had Lemonade stands), I’ve always found that the perfect process begins with focused operations and a strong appreciation for the strength that day-to-day life brings. I discovered my ‘operations’ calling as a leader at the Marine Military Academy. With travel to 41 countries, I have many experiences with many types of people and know that clarity, responsibility, and integrity are the key to communication and success.

A ’72 vintage husband and father of three boys, I live the brilliance of life in my birthplace, Austin, Texas, where family, friends, reading, cooking, wine, coffee, biking, travel, various collections (wine/music/movies/pipes/cigars/books), and Life’s Best-of-Breed reign supreme.



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2 Responses to “Me”

  1. Dear Greg
    My name is Sorin Mihailovici and I live in Edmonton, Canada. I have been working in a major liquor store here for the last five years and I could say I am a big wine enthusiast! I just came across your blog and I am glad I found it. It seems like you put a lot of work into it.
    While working in my liquor store, I also decided to go to school – I am a student now taking TV productions at one of the most prestigious colleges in Western Canada, Grant MacEwan College.
    Trying to mix my two passions I have created a couple of short movies – one is a minute and a half long, the other one 59 sec. The fist one is called “Remove red wine stains with white wine!” and the other one is “Open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew”. Although they are short I put several hours of work into them.
    If you have a couple of free minutes please take a look at them. If you like them maybe you could post them on your blog up for a discussion (maybe as a topic idea), I would really like to know people’s opinion. (underneath every movie there is the embed code – copy and paste it on your blog so people could just click on it…)
    If you don’t like them I apologize for taking you the time to read my message.
    Regardless of your answer – thank you and I will see you on your blog!
    There are my movies:

    Thank you,

    P.S. If you copy and paste the embed code (and not only the link) along with your text then the video will show up right in your article and will look good. The advantage is that your blog will be featured by my movie so your blog itself will get more views. Make sure that after you watch the movie you press the “Blog/Embed player” – a small grey button under the movie screen, check the small box “Feature my blog here” and then copy and paste the embeddable player code into your article.

  2. I just wanted to express my thanks for all you do here…I am on a mission to really learn more about wine, and I look to your insight with great enthusiasm. Thanks so much! Kim

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