Source of Your Sauce

The source of your sauce: Berrys encourages accountable drinking debate…

A new survey from the UK’s oldest independent wine merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd, reveals concerns about reducing one’s impact on the environment aren’t just the preserve of foodies, with 82% of wine lovers expressing an interest with how their wine is produced and how vines are tended.
However, despite worrying about how their wine is produced, only 15% of drinkers would buy a wine purely because of biodynamic or organic certification. The root of this, however, may be a lack of understanding – with six in ten (57%) wine buffs saying they’d buy more biodynamic wine if they understood how it was grown.

In light of the fact that many wine lovers remain in the dark about biodynamic and organic wine production, with many respondents citing biodynamic methods as ‘mysticism’, Berry Bros. & Rudd is launching ‘Wine Matters’, an initiative to dispel biodynamic myths and encourage wine enthusiasts to have their say on how the wine they buy is produced.

The initiative, at, is an interactive platform for debate with a series of topics and discussions from Berrys’ Masters of Wine and industry experts, including a post from Jasper Morris MW, asking: ‘Biodynamics: Do we believe?’

Morris comments: “Our number one concern as a business is selling the very best quality wine and we are increasingly seeing that biodynamic production methods, given the stringent attention to detail required by producers, result in better quality wine. We want to share this knowledge with our customers and let them know where their wine has come from and how it has been made.”

Berrys will be inviting guest bloggers each week to join the debate including biodynamic wine producer from Rhône, Montirius, and Gavin Partington from The Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

Visit Wine Matters to have your say on biodynamic wine production and learn more about biodynamic viticulture methods. For more on this and other wine topics follow Berry Bros. & Rudd on Twitter.

Berry Bros. & Rudd will also be inviting wine lovers to come to the Berrys’ Factory Outlet, in Basingstoke, for a complementary biodynamic wine tasting on 5th and 6th June and are including an organic or biodynamic wine in Wine Club cases going out to over a thousand members.
-Emily Monsell (Berry Bros. & Rudd)


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  1. I like using, its a nice website and it does offer some extra details on the wines.

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