A Greek Nut Afternoon Pairing

My Sunny Almond

My Sunny Almond

An afternoon delight.

Almonds and the search for wine-clapping compliments. Classics and the unknown. Friendly with so many sippers.

Years ago, a friend used to force 3 raw almonds down me a day. It can’t go unsaid without pointing out the evolution from that experience to my over-the-top addiction to Fino Restaurant’s fried anchovy-stuffed olives as an accompaniment to the following concert.

Sweet and bitter.

Sweet – Delicate and slightly sweet. The ones you know. The ones you want. The ones below. Rogue Bitter – More for flavor extracts and orgeat syrup.

What better way to spend the afternoon than in the company of whole, broke, raw, marcona, roasted, and smoked almonds to see who plays best with which wine. Pulling out the exit ramps from the ship of almondland, the chance encounter of the perfect pairing came to the following light. The winners of the tasting all tickled for more!

Beer, with its low acid – ale or pilsner (cheater. is this wine?)

Chard in general, but especially Chablis

Northern Rhone Syrah, especially Cote-Rotie with smoked almonds

Madeira on the richer side, Bual or Malmsey

Port, vintage or tawny. Couldn’t make ruby twinkle.

Sauternes, Barsac, Monbazillac

Sherry, fino or manzanilla, but the fat side works, too

Muscat, Vin Santo

and the king of most partnerships …Champagne.

Calcium, fiber, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, and vitamin E never hurt nobody. Well… there was that one time.


~ by GoodTasteReport on March 17, 2009.

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