Truchard with Jo Ann and Tony Truchard

In order preference.

1. ’05 Truchard Roussanne Carneros 14.1% $18 A- -1 ** 021308

2. ’06 Truchard Chard Carneros 14.1% $33 A- -4 ***

3. ’05 Truchard Pinot Noir Carneros 13.9% $33 A- +1 *

4. ’04 Truchard Zin Carneros 14.2% $26 B+ -8

5. ’03 Truchard Cab Sauv Carneros 14.2% $38 A- -14 *

6. ’03 Truchard Merlot Carneros 14.2% $29 A- -10 *

Truchard Vineyards truchard.jpg


~ by GoodTasteReport on February 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Truchard with Jo Ann and Tony Truchard”

  1. I would like an explanation of your rating system? I kind of get it but would appreciate clarification! thanks.

  2. Dear Tony,
    On least two occations I understand that you have been making trips to Vermont. I have very much like to have a visit with you one of these times when you visit New England. You are welcome to stay in our home, or for that matter have a personal car or driver (me) as you enjoy our small but special place, Vermont. Like you and Jo Ann in Napa, we have had a good life here in Vermont; while two of three children have chosen to live the good life in the Bay Area. ???
    Jo Ann was correct to tell me, during our past phone call, that I can afford your wonderful wines. I have become one of your Vermont promoters among all my friends and my wine provider. I have yet to taste a selection which did not bring a big smile. I am afraid that I haven’t keep up with all of our classmates, but I now consider you the most productive member of our class! Congratulations on having a son follow your heritage; for two of three our children are afar living in the Bay Area and the third will also return to the West I suspect.
    My life in Radiology has been a good one with a finish of eight years in a solo practice in a small community much like the old Texas style small town where I grew up. Time on my hands, as I face a forced retirement following an auto accident. I plan to spend two months in an NGO pediatric hospital in Cambodia this fall, for I still enjoy medicine.
    This note was percipitated after a VPR announcement that your wine will be featured at Simon Pierce in Quechee, Vermont on the 14th. Will this be another Vermont appearance for you two? As it turns out, we will be travelling to Reno for my daughter’s graduation,the last one, but we will be here if you are coming a day or two earlier. If not please allow some time on a later trip for a few stories and some laughter. Bud Naylor (phone 802 899 5462)

  3. Did this Bud Naylor grow up in Irving, Texas? If so, I think he missed his 30th class reunion!

  4. Cool post, maybe you dream fof writters?

    Sry, hehe))

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