Berry Bros & Rudd new Virtual Wine School

Jonny Rosemount, public relations cat for Berry Bros & Rudd, contacted me to enlighten me on the new “Virtual Wine School” series.

“The innovative series of six video ‘podcasks’ are presented by Rebecca Lamont, head of the famous Berrys’ Wine School, and are a great way for wine enthusiasts to increase their understanding and appreciation of wine.

Each of the six “Virtual Wine Schools” is bursting with valuable and exciting tasting techniques, food and wine pairing tips and service advice. You can explore a variety of grapes and learn about different storing, aging, and growing techniques that contribute toward wines’ wonderfully explosive flavors.

Head on and watch for FREE!

Virtual Wine School

Virtual Wine School on You Tube

Berry Bros. & Rudd


~ by GoodTasteReport on August 14, 2007.

One Response to “Berry Bros & Rudd new Virtual Wine School”

  1. Wow! it`s a very nice article about wine.Yes i agree virtual wine school is a really very good school.

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