Travelling Gnapptism

Gnappy is on the road!

July 6 – St. Louis, MO – Broadway Oyster Bar

July 7 – Cleveland, OH – Winchester

July 8 – NYC – Knitting Factory

July 12 – NYC – Mo Pitkin’s

July 13 – Philadelphia, PA – NXNW

July 14 – Hartford, CT – Sully’s

July 15 – Knoxville, TN – Preservation Pub

July 22 – Austin, TX – Elephant Room

July 28 – Houston, TX – Sambuca Jazz Cafe

performing at the Jazz Aspen Music Festival September 2…

UNLOADED – new album was released June 13, 2006

Gnappy Funk!
“”Smart, sharp and boogie –- rock & roll reality braced with bop chops.””–- Austin Chronicle

“”Crisp and clean Tower of Power-influenced compositions.”” –- North Texas Daily

“”High energy charms . . . ominous single-line hooks . . . face-slapping hip-hop.”” – Jazz Times

“”All the down-and-dirty funk sensibilities of George Clinton [with] a spacy, acid-jazz edge . . . this is exciting, listener-involved music, with hooks that keep you on the tip of your toes.”” – Music Revue

“”Oh mama, they may hail from Austin, Texas, but this band is pure New Orleans jazz-funk . . . creating music that is at once smoky and ebullient.”” – Lafayette Daily Advertiser

“Funk? Bebop? Ozzy?…you find your head uncontrollably bobbing…’Clean and crisp’ is the name of the game.”

“Gnappy Keeps the listener on point lest they juke you with the crossover and leave you wondering when they switched the beat.”
– Insite Magazine



~ by GoodTasteReport on July 13, 2006.

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