Pavilion & Grayson with Mike O’Connell

In order preference.

1. '04 Pavilion Syrah Napa $13 A- +4 * 060606

—fuller-bodied, definitely Cali, but not over-the-top/solid value 

2. '03 Pavilion Cab Sauv Napa $13 A- +3 **

—6Sangiov,6Zin,3Merlot/soft, unpretentious, blueberry currant pie
3. '04 Grayson Cab Sauv Paso Robl $10 A- +4 **

—typical Paso, but more playful/blackberry & cherry 

4. '04 Grayson Merlot Paso Robl $11 A- +1 *

—5Cab Sauv/med-bodied typical, but actually tastes like Paso 

5. '05 Pavilion Chard Yountville $12 A- +1 *

—Refreshing Cali Chard, typical pear & apple, but with spiced pineapple

6. '05 Grayson Chard Dry Crk $10 B+ +1

—pear, orange, backporch-grilled vanilla wafers 

7. '05 Pavilion Sauv Blc $12 B+ -3

—6Semillon/very little acidity/apricot flab stretches for lime & grapefruit

With only 2 years under the Pavilion & 1 under the Grayson belts, these folks have some pretty serious values on the table. I didn't understand the Pavilion Sauv Blc, but all of the others are, at least, as great as the best in their categories. Looking for an inexpensive Cali treat? Go Fish.

Pavilion Winery

Grayson Cellars


~ by GoodTasteReport on June 7, 2006.

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