Battle of the Bottom Feeders

At this year’s South by South Wine Festival, a 1987 Guenoc Merlot was de-robed and thrown into the ring as a “gag”, so I took it upon myself to find a challenger. Out of the cellar walked the 1978 Ernest & Julio Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve. I was fairly confident that the Gallo was senile, lost, and most-likely deceased.

To my surprise, I was mistaken. Both of these contenders were still alive. The Guenoc having survived its glamslam 80’s identity crisis was cloudy with a bright nose. Standing under a belittled prejudice, the Gallo stood tall, still holding color, fruit, and a fuller mouth. Odds were against these under-estimated underdogs. Neither was very good, but each deserved respect. The gag was on us. Laughing in disbelief, it became a game. Of the 15 votes officially tallied…Gallo 10. Guenoc 5.


~ by GoodTasteReport on June 2, 2006.

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