The Tea Brew

The temperature and quality of the water is very important. We encourage infusers so you can control the steeping time. Your personal tastes and the type of tea determine the temperature and time:
Black Tea – boiling water (212 deg F) 3-5 minutes
Green Tea – below boiling (165-190 deg F) 2 minutes
Oolong Tea – boiling or below (190-212 deg F) 3-7 minutes
White – below boiling (190-208 deg F) 5-7 minutes (try boiling & below boiling)
Puerh – boiling water (212 deg F) 3-5 minutes
Rooibos – boiling water (212 deg F) 4-10 minutes
Herbal Tissanes – boiling water (212 deg F) 5 minutes
Many Green, Oolong, and White Teas can sustain multiple infusions. Brew longer for each infusion.
(from the Tea Embassy)

…and don’t forget Sun Tea… Tea of the Gods…
Let it brew outside in the sun for 2 days…


~ by GoodTasteReport on June 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Tea Brew”

  1. Jerry is from the deep south. I am from the midwest. We drink iced tea–lots of it in the summer. Delicious 🙂



  2. Dave

    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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